Gucci Beauty Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Vibrant hues, lavish textures, lasting color you will love. Gucci Beauty Spring/Summer 2016 Collection offers a beautiful array of colors to wear day or night.


Create your signature look with Pink Flamingo Magnetic Shadow Quad. With  high impact buildable shadow collection you can create a soft fresh look or a sexy smokey eye. $65


Prefer a duo shadow instead? Magnetic Shadow duo in Primrose is a must have in your makeup collection. Try the lighter color under the brow or on the lid for a great touch of color. Add drama with the darker shade to define you look. $49


Soft, sheer and buildable, this Sheer Blushing Powder in Pink camelia will give your cheeks the perfect hint of color and radiance. $49

Luxurious Lipstick is moisture rich, glides on with ease adding incredible coverage. Gucci Beauty Spring 2016 introduces the colors Lilac and  Carnation to the collection. $39


Prefer a gloss? Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer in Spring rose will give  you intense color with sophisticated shine and creamy consistency you will want to wear every day. $32

Nail it with Gucci Beauty High Gloss Lacquer. This state of the art formula delivers even coverage, great pigment and glossy sheen in Dark anemone and Bougainville for Spring/Summer 2016 $29

Gucci Beauty is available online at select department stores.

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Get Freckled

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One of the newest trends on the runway for Spring 2016 is freckles. If you have freckles, love them, let them show through. Don’t have freckles? Try this Freckle Pencil by TopShop and dot some on.


Another way to freckle is with Mr. Kate Beauty Marks The New Makeup Freckles are hand-drawn silver and gold freckles you apply like a temporary tattoo.


Love your freckles!

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IMATS LA starts today

Star Trek at IMATS

Image credit: Star Trek at IMATS

This weekend is the perfect opportunity for makeup artists who really want to work in the industry to connect and learn from legends and icons of the business. IMATS is the first-ever pro makeup artist show established in LA in 1997 and continues to be one of the must-attend events every year. IMATS started as an event geared towards film, television and special effects has since expanded to include all areas of makeup artistry.

This year IMATS is celebrating 50 years of Star Trek. Oscar winner and nine time Emmy Award winner Michael Westmore will lead a panel of top artists, filmmakers and cast members as they discuss their roles in the TV shows and films.

This year, IMATS has added more than 30 new exhibitors geared towards beauty enthusiasts. Many exhibitors will offer discounts. Don’t forget to bring your Pro card so you can take advantage of the savings.

Today’s schedule for Friday, January 15, 2016

10:30am Rod Maxwell will teach you how to perfectly match flesh tones by sharing tips and tools you’ll use to adjust like a pro.  Rod Maxwell is an award winning special makeup effects artist, recent Face Off contestant and director who has worked on many projects for almost two decades. You may have seen his work in The Wishing Well, Is It Just Me and The 10 Year Plan.

3:00pm Pro Card Event – For Pro Card holders only, here is your chance to shop early, network and find out about perks just for you.

3:30pm Oscar Talk :Black Mass – IMATS executive producer Michael Key will interview Joel Harlow, an award winning makeup artist known for cutting-edge use of prosthetics featured in film and television will talk about his work in the film Black Mass.

5:00pm Build Your Brand, Build Your Dream– Join pro makeup artist and three time U.S. world champion facialist Brian Champagne host a panel discuss with Tamanna Roashan of Dress Your Face and Linda Morphe of Morphe Brushes reveal how they built their brands and offer insights and tips to help you build your dream.

5:00pm Master Effects Designer Neill Gordon Creates Doctor Who Character

Click here to find out more about IMATS, see the schedule, additional speakers and exhibitors


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I wish I had known


It’s interesting how life takes a twist. I’ve noticed the higher level of inquisitiveness with many people today.  I grew up as a baby boomer, we didn’t ask a lot of questions. We learned from our parents and pretty much accepted life for what it is as we grew up.

Our goals then were different. We planned to finish high school, go to college and get a job that we could potentially have until we retire. I followed that plan for a while, at least until I got the part about going to college. My dream was to work in makeup. The cosmetics department was my absolute favorite to visit. I would go every chance I get, become excited about all the new products and buy things I didn’t need. It didn’t matter if it was a new lipstick or mascara, if it was new, I wanted it.

When it was time to go to college, I wanted to go to makeup school. I lived in New England and the good schools were in NY or LA. My parents were not supportive of my plan to be a makeup guru. Instead, it was suggested that I get a real education in business. Soon I found myself attending a University taking a lot of classes that at the time really didn’t interest me.

What I didn’t know at the time was I did not need formal training to get a job in makeup. As soon as I learned this, I headed to my favorite department store and applied for a job and lucky for me I got the job. What I also quickly learned was the focus of working at the cosmetics counter was to sell products, but the benefit was you had a great chance to work on lots of faces, so learning how to apply cosmetics and use the tools were skills I would never let go.

I didn’t know how to get jobs doing makeup for print or television. These were the jobs I aspired to get but was clueless in the process. I wish I had known how to build a portfolio early on. It would have come in handy for print jobs I had tried to get at the time. I wish I had known what I needed to have in my makeup kit. Like many new artists, I had brushes and some makeup but nothing close to what I have now…a real pro kit. There were jobs I could not do because I did not have the right tools to use.

How much to charge was a challenge, especially when I worked with brides or accepted positions with photographers. At first I simply took whatever they offered, or would suggest an incredibly small fee because I want confident in knowing my worth.

One of the greatest things I actually admire about how people have changed is there is so much more information at your fingertips. Unfortunately not all of the information is correct or true, but the ability to access the information you need is readily available. As a generation we have become more inquisitive. We take more time to research and find things out. We find peers and ask them to mentor. We take classes to learn. In the end we know more about how to work towards our goals and accomplish our dreams.

I wish I knew then what I know now, but I’m happy for the experiences I have enjoyed and the lessons learned.

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How to get your makeup bag ready for the New Year

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It’s hard to believe that only four days ago we celebrated New Year’s Day.  We spent our time planning how to celebrate, what to wear and what to do. The day finally came and many of us celebrated with friends and loved ones to welcome in 2016.

We made resolutions, some silly and some serious. We made goals we would make an effort to at least work towards and really try to stick to.

On Monday, getting ready for work as you pulled out that eyeliner you meant to replace or the lipstick that never got updated, you realized, it’s time to update my makeup bag.

For my personal makeup, I keep two bags. One is for everyday and the other is for special events and occasions. I do this because there are certain eyeshadows I don’t wear on a daily basis but use them to create a more festive look when I go out.

How long should you keep your makeup?  Here are some general tips:

  • Mascara and liquid eyeliner should be replaced every 3 months. I also suggest changing sooner if your eyes become itchy or irritated.
  • Liquid foundation is good for approximately 12 months. This is provided that you don’t leave the bottles opened with the caps off sitting on your shelf. If you are one who forgets to put the cap on you risk not only the foundation drying faster, but air and dust collecting. (If your foundation separates or the color changes in the bottle, it’s time for a new one).
  • Lip gloss is good for about 6-8 months
  • Lipsticks are good for a year.
  • Powders for the most part should be replaced every 18 to 24 months. Personally I replace mine within 18 months because the powders don’t work as well if kept longer.
  • Eyeliner and Lip liner pencils- should be replaced in about 12 months. Be sure to sharpen after each use.

Keep your makeup products and containers clean. Always store in a cool, dry place.

Makeup sponges: If you use disposable makeup sponges, please use them once and throw away. Do not dip the used side into products.

If you prefer more durable sponges like beautyblender, I wash mine daily to get the makeup out and to keep it clean. (However, I only use mine for blending, not for application of product).

Wash your personal makeup brushes at least once a week. Never buy cheap brushes. Invest in good quality brushes to improve your finished makeup application.


A few products I love, you might like them too.


4 Brow-shaping tools that perform

Beautiful Brows did not go noticed at the AMA’s (American Music Awards). Gigi Hadid’s brows were gorgeous! I’ve found 4 brow products you want to  have in your makeup bag for instantly beautiful brows anytime.


Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW™ Pomade 

Is a fast-drying waterproof pomade that does not smudge! Available in 11 highly-pigmented shades to compliment your skin tone. Now you can create beautiful brows. $18.

“I find that nothing frames the face so beautifully, or gives and instantaneous lift quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows” -Anastasia 

Tweezerman Slant® Tweezer b_427c364bb5c9610d42f4e3f88e009d261231-R_StainlessSlant_Allure2015

This tweezer has been an Allure Magazine “Best of Beauty” winner for the past 14 years.  Perfect for tweezing brows. $23.



Makeup Forever Professional Brow Seal 56949356ecf386464be2e626d9a553f1

This transparent gel is a must-have to help you take control of your brows. $19.


Diorshow Brow Styler covers-Y0726130-F072613001

This ultra-fine retractable pencil is perfect for fill in brows and shape effortlessly. $29.

Does makeup really expire?

Did you just run out of mascara and remember you have another one that you haven’t used in a while somewhere in your makeup drawer? Think again before apply it to your lashes.

Makeup does have an expiration date. Many products now put the have added this info on the packaging to remind you how long your product is good to use. What this means is once you have opened and used the product for the first time, you now need to plan to replenish before it goes bad.


Mascara’s make our lashes long, beautiful, thick and full. Did you know that you should replace your mascara every 3 months. (Mine never last me that long). Over time, mascara dries out, gets clumpy and  can breed bacteria causing irritation and eye infections. My rule of thumb with mascara: if you can’t remember when you last used it, throw it away and buy a new one.

sun screen


Sunscreen manufacturers usually put this information right on the bottle. It is best to replace your sunscreens after 1 year. Why, because the begin to separate, smell and change color. This also means that the product is less effective. So if the last time you opened that bottle of sunscreen was last spring when you should replace it today.

Foundation and concealer  on average are  good for 12-18 months. You will find that your oil-free foundations tend to be good for about a year because they dry out more quickly. Try not to put your fingers into your foundation bottles. I suggest use a spatula to remove or poor onto a makeup sponge. This helps to lessen the build up of oils and bacteria. Stick concealers and foundations will last longer as long as you keep them closed properly and stored in a cool, dry place.

Facepowder is good for about 2 years. You may get an additional 6 months usage if you change your puff or sponge often. I use disposable powder sponges which helps to prevent oil build up. It also keep the product from becoming hard and changing color.

Moisturizers, serums and eye creams are good for 3 months to 1 year. It really depends upon the ingredients. Botanical and more natural products need to be replenished more often. If you use moisturizers and serums as directed, you won’t need to worry about them going bad because they will be helping to keep your skin soft and hydrated. it is also best to buy and use 1 moisturizer at a time. ( I use a day serum, day moisturizer, night serum and night moisturizer. My eyecream is used both day and night. I use my daytime skin care a little faster because sometimes at night I get lazy and don’t moisturizer. It’s a good thing I have combination skin.).



Blush will last 12-18 months. Cream blush have a shorter life-span. Powder blush will last longer. Using a clean blush brush helps keep your product fresh.

Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipliner, Lipstick  on average will be good for 2 years. Liquid and gel eyeliners will last 3 months to 1 year. It depends on the product as the gel and liquid liners will dry out faster. Eyeliner pencils and lip liners should be sharpened regularly. Creamy lipsticks will last longer than matte formulas.


Must have makeup books

Makeup artistry is about blending, technique and creativity. There are many details to consider when learning to work with makeup. Once you understand the basics, the next step is to refine to create a look that is uniquely yours.

If you are an aspiring makeup artist or a do it yourself pro,  it is important to know how to use beauty tools to achieve the desired look. It also helps to understand makeup and beauty trends to keep your looks current.

There are so  many books on the market, many with great information. These are  books I feel every makeup artist in addition to those who want to learn more about the artistry of makeup should have.

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin

Making Faces continues to be one of the best resources for makeup lovers. In this book, Kevyn Aucoin shares the stars he transforms from pretty to gorgeous. He teaches and shares techniques to help you define your features and enhance your beauty. His work appeared in editorial features, videos, fashion and ad campaigns. He has worked with many celebrities including Sharon Stone, Whitney Houston, Mary Tyler Moore Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman,Tina Turner and Elizabeth Hurley, Kevyn Aucoin is also author of the bestselling books, The Art of Makeup, Face Forward and All About Makeup. Discover how his vision of creating magic continues with a collection of artistry inspired tools and products at Kevyn Aucoin Beauty.  His books are available at Amazon.

About Face by Scott Barnes

About Face by Scott Barnes

Scott Barnes is a celebrated makeup artist and innovator within the cosmetics industry.About Face is a compendium of everything make-up artist Scott Barnes has learned during his career working with A-list celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston. It is packed with techniques for every area of makeup application.

Scott launched his own twenty-one-piece color cosmetic line, Scott Barnes Cosmetics, on QVC in April 2004. Described as “The Glow,” this signature look became known as “lit from within” and helped launch Scott’s best-selling beauty product, Body Bling bronzer.


Fine: The Basics of Beauty

Sam Fine

Sam Fine Celebrity Makeup Artist and author of Fine:The Basics of Beauty

Fine: The Basics of Beauty a dvd created by celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine shares insider tips and techniques to help you create a beautiful, flawless makeup look. Sam Fine is a makeup genius who specializes in makeup for women of color.

Fine: The Basics of Beauty  is for anyone who loves makeup. You will find the information educational, inviting with delivery techniques to help you fine tune your routine from start to finish.  Beginners and Pro’s alike will love this dvd.

Fine: The Basics of Beauty

Fine: The Basics of Beauty

I have worked in makeup for over 30 years and thoroughly enjoyed this video presentation. You feel as though you are receiving a personal makeup lesson led by Sam Fine.

Fine: The Basics of Beauty is available at