Monthly beauty boxes

Monthly subscription beauty boxes are the perfect way to try new products if you are always on the go. These three services I’m about to tell you about really offer a great variety of products to experience and enjoy. You have the option to purchase full size products, give a gift to a friend and the opportunity to indulge.



Glossybox If you love surprises, you will enjoy receiving 5 luxury beauty products every month the cost is $21.00 but the products are great. In my July 2014 box I received the following deluxe samples to try: Mitchell and Peach Body Cream, Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, Skin Inc. Custom-Blended Anti-Aging Serum, Philip B PH Restorative Detangling Toning Mist and Malin +Goetz Mojito Lip Balm.

Glossybox carries many products from your favorite brands including: ALEX AND ANI (+) Energy, ARDENCY INN, BURBERRY Beauty, Butter London, Carol’s Daughter, Ciate London, European Wax Center, Fresh, Hourglass, Kevyn Aucoin, La Prairie, Living Proof, Rock Beauty London, Nails Inc., ReVive, Sisley Paris, Tom Ford, Vincent Longo and Zirth



Birchbox – Receive personalized beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples selected for you. Once you complete your Birchbox profile, the samples you receive are items you will want to try. In my latest box I received: Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream, Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Eyeshadow Palette, Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel, Whish Save Crave Saving Cream in Acai Grapefruit and 100% Pure Gingerade Shower Gel.

There are subscription options for men and women. Ladies receive 4-5 personalized samples for $10 per month and Men get 3-4 personalized grooming samples plus a full sized lifestyle product for $20 monthly.



Julep-Become a Julep Maven and you’ll get brand new, must have color and beauty every month. In my recent box I received Joyce, Tammi and Kirti from the It Girl Collection and a screen cleaner for my iPhone.

If you are addicted to nail color, this is the place for you. The box you receive is customized according to your style profile. You receive a value of over $40 worth of nail color and/or beauty products starting at $19.99 per month.

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My experience: The Makeup Show NYC

Kit Focus Presentation

The Makeup Show Kit Focus

The Makeup Show NYC is an inspiring event for any makeup industry professional. Produced by The Powder Group, created by Michael DeVellis that begin with a vision to educate and take pro-artistry to a new level. Now celebrating 10 years, this show has truly a must-attend venue for any makeup artist who wants to enhance their skills, network with other professionals and grow in their profession.

Every year I excitedly attend The Makeup Show NYC. This year was no different. It’s a 2 day event that can very easily become a week long incentive for creativity if your time and budget permits. The Makeup Show took place recently on Sunday and Monday at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

As a makeup artist there are not many events you can attend with the opportunity to listen, learn and meet makeup pro’s and industry insiders including Michael DeVellis, James Vincent, Orlando Santiago, and Crystal Wright.

Prior to attending I plan my days to get the most out of my attendance. There are seminars, presentations and business forums scheduled through each day. I always enjoy the Kit Focus presentation. This year I learned some great tips from James Vincent, Jon Hennessy and Orlando Santiago. They held a very casual conversation to the audience about key products they use and why. I have learned to find products that have multi-use capabilities and my kit has become more compact. You really do look much more professional when you’re not dragging around a heavy load of products and tools to every booking. I made sure to refill my kit today with Embroylisse Lait Crème and 12 Flash Color Case by Makeup Forever.

Next I attended Represent: Understanding the Relationship of Artist and Agent with Pati Dubroff & Booke Wall. This was a great keynote presentation. Pati Dubroff is a makeup artist who makes applying makeup look easy. Her work continues to grace red carpet events but is also seen on many major magazine covers and in beauty ads. Brooke Wall is the CEO of The Wall Group, an agency that represents many great, talented individuals who work in makeup and fashion. This presentation delivered great insight on getting your foot in the door. One important thing all artist must realize is you have to work hard to accomplish your goals. Assist as much as you can until you can book your own gigs. Once you are signed with an agency, you still have to impress each client every time or you won’t work.

Gina Brooke & Ilona Royce Smithkin

Gina Brooke and her muse, painter Ilona Royce Smithkin

Renowned makeup artist Gina Brooke gave us insight on finding inspiration. She also introduced us to her muse, Ilona Royce Smithkin a painter who resides in Manhattan. Intrigued and determine where Ms. Smithkin got her long, beautiful red eyelashes, Gina soon discovered that she made them herself from her own hair. Gina also offered great advice on elevating your career.

After this presentation I spend time visiting the many vendors that participated in the show. I stocked up on items need for my kit and re-connected with friends and peers. It was really exciting to see so many people enjoy the experience The Makeup Show NYC has to offer.

What are BB creams?

BB Creams are very popular in Asia. They are becoming more popular here in the U.S.

What are BB Creams?

BB Creams are a combination of moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation in one. Think of it as a tinted moisturizer with a sunscreen. BB Creams are slightly thicker than traditional moisturizers and they are multi-task products. Some BB Creams also control oil, prime the skin and heal blemishes.

“BB” stands for beauty balm initially used to help the skin heal after a laser treatment.

Where can you find “BB” Creams? Many cosmetic companies make and distribute BB Creams in Asia. You can find several here in the US. Many are offered at Sephora and other beauty retailers. Listed below are 5 top BB Creams worth trying. There are several new BB creams that will be available soon. Dior just launched a BB cream that will moisturizes and hydrates.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35  is available in 5 shades. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35 primes and controls oil too. The finish is flawless and smooth as it leaves your skin beautiful.  Although you can wear this product alone, it is light enough to wear under a foundation. ($39

Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm SPF45

Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm SPF45

Dr Jart Premium  Beauty Balm SPF 45 is a moisturizer, sunscreen, treatment serum that brightens, even your skin tone and providess a natural

coverage. Dr Jart Premium Beauty Balm contains no parabens, harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes. ($39 available at Sephora)

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30 is available in 3 shades and provides sunscreen protection, antioxidants and hides imperfections. Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF30 provides light coverage and can be worn under foundation. ($37

boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27

boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27

Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 is an oil-free formula that soothes, hydrates and even your skin tone. Boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 is a self-adjusting formula that conceals imperfections and provides natural long wearing coverage. ($38 available at Sephora)

dr brandt skincare  Flexiton BB Cream

dr brandt skincare Flexiton BB Cream

Dr. Brandt Skincare Flexitone BB Cream provides flawless coverage with anti-aging benefits. This new product helps to even skin tones and improve your skin’s texture. Dr. BrandtSkincare  Flexitone BB Cream smooths lines and wrinkles. There are no parabens, sulfates or synthetics in this product. ($39


Does makeup really expire?

Did you just run out of mascara and remember you have another one that you haven’t used in a while somewhere in your makeup drawer? Think again before apply it to your lashes.

Makeup does have an expiration date. Many products now put the have added this info on the packaging to remind you how long your product is good to use. What this means is once you have opened and used the product for the first time, you now need to plan to replenish before it goes bad.


Mascara’s make our lashes long, beautiful, thick and full. Did you know that you should replace your mascara every 3 months. (Mine never last me that long). Over time, mascara dries out, gets clumpy and  can breed bacteria causing irritation and eye infections. My rule of thumb with mascara: if you can’t remember when you last used it, throw it away and buy a new one.

sun screen


Sunscreen manufacturers usually put this information right on the bottle. It is best to replace your sunscreens after 1 year. Why, because the begin to separate, smell and change color. This also means that the product is less effective. So if the last time you opened that bottle of sunscreen was last spring when you should replace it today.

Foundation and concealer  on average are  good for 12-18 months. You will find that your oil-free foundations tend to be good for about a year because they dry out more quickly. Try not to put your fingers into your foundation bottles. I suggest use a spatula to remove or poor onto a makeup sponge. This helps to lessen the build up of oils and bacteria. Stick concealers and foundations will last longer as long as you keep them closed properly and stored in a cool, dry place.

Facepowder is good for about 2 years. You may get an additional 6 months usage if you change your puff or sponge often. I use disposable powder sponges which helps to prevent oil build up. It also keep the product from becoming hard and changing color.

Moisturizers, serums and eye creams are good for 3 months to 1 year. It really depends upon the ingredients. Botanical and more natural products need to be replenished more often. If you use moisturizers and serums as directed, you won’t need to worry about them going bad because they will be helping to keep your skin soft and hydrated. it is also best to buy and use 1 moisturizer at a time. ( I use a day serum, day moisturizer, night serum and night moisturizer. My eyecream is used both day and night. I use my daytime skin care a little faster because sometimes at night I get lazy and don’t moisturizer. It’s a good thing I have combination skin.).



Blush will last 12-18 months. Cream blush have a shorter life-span. Powder blush will last longer. Using a clean blush brush helps keep your product fresh.

Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lipliner, Lipstick  on average will be good for 2 years. Liquid and gel eyeliners will last 3 months to 1 year. It depends on the product as the gel and liquid liners will dry out faster. Eyeliner pencils and lip liners should be sharpened regularly. Creamy lipsticks will last longer than matte formulas.


Best medicated concealers

medicated concealer

medicated concealers help to fight blemishes and conceal flaws.

Conceal and heal

When your skin breaks out, the first thing many of us want to do is hide the blemish or pimple. For some, a pimple always appears at the worst possible time. Stress in addition to our diets, hormones and lifestyle contribute to this problem.

One solution is to use a medicated concealer. These types of concealers help to cover flaws, lighten dark circles and help to brighten the skin. Medicated concealers help to not only cover imperfections, but heal too. Medicated concealers should not be used under the eyes. Many contain zinc oxide, salicylic acid and lavender to clear, soothe, and calm your skin.

Two medicated concealers I have tried and liked are:

Murad Acne Treatment Concealer

This product has won Allure Best of Beauty 2011 and received InStyle Editors Pick in 2011 because it works. Available in light, medium and dark shades to provide you will oil-free coverage while helping to eliminate redness and heal your skin. ($21

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer

When you want a concealer that looks so natural you can wear it alone and helps to get rid of your blemish, Clinique Acne Solutions Concealer is a great choice. This product is available in three shades plus an optional corrective green shade to instantly reduce the redness around the blemish. ($15.50

Book Club – Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner To Pro

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner To Pro

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner To Pro

Bobbi Brown is an internationally renowned makeup artist and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Her Book “Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner To Pro” encompasses everything from skin care to makeup application, step by step.

You will learn how to find the right foundation, select the perfect bronzer, shape your brows and other beauty techniques. This book is for everyone, beginners learn information and step by step techniques; Pro’s get inspired by ideas and innovation in application. There is bonus information for aspiring makeup stylists to learn how to get into the beauty business.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone From Beginner To Pro is a book everyone who loves makeup will want to have. Available at Amazon.


Good for you beauty

I recently tried new body products from LaVanilla. What’s special about this brand is that it there are many unique qualities I discovered about this product line. To begin with LaVanilla is 100% healthy. I thought, well that’s pretty cool, but how can body cream and fragrance be healthy? Here is the answer:

The products do not contain petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, parabens, sulfates, dyes or other ingredients that can be harmful to your skin or your health. All of the products are made with natural and organic ingredients, and to take it a step further, the products contain botanicals, antioxidants and essential oils. The LaVanilla website has information on many of the delicious ingredients used to make their products.

Here is a plus, the The Healthy Body Butter feels amazing! My favorite is the Vanilla Grapefruit, a blend of sparkling grapefruit, crisp sandalwood, lime and Madagascar vanilla.

The Healthy Body Butter Vanilla Grapefruit

The Healthy Body Butter Vanilla Grapefruit

LaVanilla currently offer 7 unique fragrances: Vanilla Coconut, Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Blossom, Vanilla Lavender, Vanilla Passion Fruit and Vanilla Blackberry. All of the fragrances of course contain vanilla, but not just any vanilla. The vanilla used is from Madagascar which is  located in the Indian Ocean, off the southeast coast of Africa and is known for harvesting pure vanilla.

LaVanilla products range include: Healthy Deodorant, Healthy Fragrance, Healthy SPF Collection, Healthy Baby Collection and Healthy Candles.

Beauty products that are healthy, LaVanilla.


Nicole Miller Launches Skin Care Line

Nicole Miller Beauty

Nicole Miller Beauty

Fashion designer Nicole Miller is best known for form-fitting, flattering dresses that are sexy and classic. She opened her first shop on Madison Avenue in the 1986. She has designed for men, women and children and has dressed many celebrities including Cyndi Lauper and Sheryl Crow.

Nicole Miller fashions are sold in her boutiques across the country and major department stores around the world.

Nicole Miller was instrumental in creating a line of makeup products for Melaleuca, a wellness company that creates products that are environmentally safe.

Her new skin care line under her label, Nicole Miller Beauty will be six products created for every woman. The price range for the skin care collection is $30-$65. Available at Dermastore


Neck creams do they really work?

Neck creams become more popular as we get older and more concerned about showing signs of aging. The neck area is often neglected as part of a regular skin care regime. Many consumers for years have used their face moisturizer on their neck, but is that enough?

Neck creams are created for the neck and décolleté area to address concerns ranging from moisture, softness, cell renewal, firming and lifting. Some neck creams provide sunscreen protection that help to filter out UVA and UVB rays.

Do they work? There is so much more advanced technology today used in beauty treatments. Many products are results oriented. To know if the product works, you must first understand what the neck cream is intended to do so that as a consumer you know what to look for.

Here are few with rave reviews:

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream adds stem cells to revitalize damaged skin cells and uses four additional key ingredients: Matrixyl which is a trademarked copper peptide that helps your skin produce its own collagen; Sesaflash, a molecule derived from sesame that helps the skin tighten and lift; Hylauronic Acid which helps your skin hold in moisture; and Shea Butter which adds moisture to your skin.

Dermagist Neck Restoration Cream is free of parabens. $99

ReVive Fermatif Neck Cream

ReVive Fermatif Neck Cream

ReVive Skin Care known for RES (Renewal Epidermal Science) created by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Bays Brown offers a non-surgical approach to beauty. Key ingredients: EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) a bioengineered protein that dramatically increases cell renewal;Wheat protein and barley which help to firm the skin and SPF 15 to prevent future skin damage. $130www.reviveskincare.comSisley Neck Cream

Sisley’s Creme Pour Le Cou Neck Cream fights free radicals, revitalizes and soothes the skin around the neck.Sisley cosmetics infuses Phytocosmetology using plant extracts to strengthen the effect of each individual active ingredient in their products. Sisley works with a team of top-level scientists to select the best natural plant extracts to use in Sisley products.Creme Pour Le Cou Neck Cream contains extracts of Rhatany and Lady’s Mantle which help to re-define the contours of the throat, lessen visible lines of aging and smooth the texture of the skin. $


ReVive introduces Moisturizing Renewal Cream Supreme

ReVive skin care products were  created by  leading plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory  Brown who uses patented and Nobel Prize winning ingredients that formulate RES technology. What this means for you is the products work. Revive skin care products help to increase cell renewal and repair damaged skin.

The Revive skin care collection is results oriented and provide dramatic visible results. ReVive skin care offers a non-surgical approach to skin care. Many products on this luxury skin care line help with premature aging, improves the appearance of your skin, and are lightweight and easy to use.

Their newest product, Moisturizing Renewal Cream Supreme hydrates your skin, improves the skin tone and significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ($195 suggested retail)Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer

To learn more about ReVive Skin Care, visit their website at www.reviveskincare.comProducts are available at Saks Fifth Avenue locations.